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Top 5 Vitamins for Joint Pain Support

Posted On: November 26, 2019

Top 5 Vitamins for Joint Pain Support

Indeed, popping up a particular pill is never going to cure joint pain. However, researchers have claimed that some Vitamins for Joint Pain Treatment can help reduce it to some extent. You might come across several supplements name that claims to ease the pain in joints. Taking a random supplement for joint pain might create dangerous health conditions. Many people rely on daily multivitamins pill to ensure that they are receiving enough nutrients. Although it’s highly recommended to get the bulk of daily nutrients from food and diet, supplements can only help the body to pick up the slack when nutritious meals fall short.

The main reason behind the joint pain problem is inflammation of the joints caused by daily wear and tear. Also, poor dietary habits, resulting in acute osteoarthritis, can be the reason in some cases. Taking Nutrients such as glucosamine, chondroitin, collagen, natural eggshell membrane, and curcumin can all give relief in joint pain by reducing inflammation

Calcium is the nutrient associated with helping to form the bones and teeth and keep them healthy in the human body. Taking Calcium pills can help you in reducing joint inflammation and pain, especially in the knee joints. You can involve Dark leafy greens, milk, yogurt, and broccoli in the daily meals to ease the joint pain.

Fish Oil:

Taking Fatty acids helps you to prevent certain enzymes from damaging the joints and reduce inflammation. This supplement has multiple health benefits and particularly useful to decide if one suffers from knee pain or arthritis. This supplement is also helpful in keeping your heart healthy and skin glowing. Food like nuts, avocado, and seeds are also a rich source of omega- 3 fatty acid.

This supplement is often recommended for knee joints because it rebuilds bone and avoids wearing of the cartridge. Glucosamine has also proved to help reduce inflammation that accompanies joint pain. As glucosamine levels tend to decline with age, it is an excellent supplement for older adults with osteoarthritis.


Many clinical pieces of research have proved that chondroitin can reduce joint pain and stiffness in people with osteoarthritis. People, who take chondroitin, have a 20 percent or more significant improvement in knee pain. Just like glucosamine, chondroitin is also known as a building block of cartilage. It also helps prevent cartilage breakdown from osteoarthritis.

Vitamin D:

Apart from fighting with joint pain, Vitamin D is also helpful in the body’s absorption of calcium. Taking vitamin D supplements can be beneficial in strengthening bones and joints, reducing the frequency of joint pain in the human body. Pure sunlight and fortified milk are also a rich source of Vitamin D.

The list of Vitamins for Joint Pain treatment is quite long, and we can’t recall all of them at once. However, it is always recommended for joint pain sufferers to consult a doctor before jumping over any random supplement. Sometimes, taking wrong supplements might interfere with the medication creating severe health problems in the joints. When complemented with a healthy lifestyle and diet, some vitamins can give quick relief from joint pains.

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