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Quit Smoking And Rid Your Tobacco Addiction

Posted On: December 06, 2019

Quit Smoking And Rid Your Tobacco Addiction

Tobacco addiction plagues millions of people in all segments of society. Plenty of smokers would like to quit, but they simply do not know how. They often feel that those initial withdrawal symptoms and cravings are too much to overcome. The advice in this article can be the beginning of the end for your addiction to nicotine and allow you to finally be smoke free.

Smoking is a stinking, costly and dangerous habit. It is a threat that endangers both your life and the lives of those you love. Whatever you do, don’t ever sink into the belief that smoking will always have control over your life. There is no reason for you not to find help and support you need to break the cycle and quit.

The Internet is a great place to receive online support from people who have dealt with similar issues. You will find an abundance of websites created to assist people with their desire to stop smoking. You may find outside support beneficial to your efforts. People who are trying to quit at the same time understand the unique struggles involved in the process.

For you to succeed with your ambition of quitting smoking, it’s essential that you write down the benefits that you will derive from quitting the cigarette. Some benefits may include living a healthier life, feeling great about yourself, smelling good, saving money, etc. Many benefits are obtainable from removing smoking from your life. Therefore, writing them down can help to keep track of your progress and boost your motivation to succeed.

It is very easy to use smoking as a kind of crutch during stressful situations. If you have done this, you need to look for different techniques on how to relax when you’re stressed out. Meditation, yoga and deep breathing techniques are all a great way to help relieve stress and stay smoke-free.

Make a plan to quit smoking

Before you start the process of quitting your tobacco habit, take out the time to make a precise action plan. Simply hoping that you can gather the willpower whenever needed is a bad way to approach this addiction. Jot down a list of alternative activities that you could do instead of going for smoking. This may include playing some games, having a chat with a friend, making time for your pet, or any kinds of distractions.

Make a commitment to quitting smoking before you begin figuring out how to do so. A lot of smokers have a hard time quitting because they are not approaching the issue with the right mindset and do not have enough motivation. Remember why you want to quit, and remind yourself often.

Once you are committed to a plan to quit smoking, thoroughly cleanse your home, car and other personal effects. A smell of smoke will likely make you want to smoke. On the other hand, your sense of smell will improve the longer you stay without smoking. So, cleaning your surroundings will later make you appreciate just how bad smoking made you and your items smell.

Pick a certain date to quit and keep to it. Make this day a special one. Note it down on your calendar and diary. Have some kind of ceremony to mark the date as an important day for yourself. Immortalize this date and make it your yearly cigarette quitting remembrance day. The importance of this is so you can use it as a motivator to keep you stay on the task for a long time.

To make quitting smoking seem more achievable, write down the negative impacts of smoking on your health and life. For example, identify how often you smoke, the number of cigarettes you smoke daily and how much it costs you to smoke on a daily, monthly and yearly basis. Each time you cut back on your smoking habit, you will realize exactly how much you have progressed.

Clear your home, cars and surroundings of cigarettes, lighters, ashtrays and anything that can bring cigarette to your memory. The sight of any of these items, or even the smell of stale, horrible cigarette smoke may be enough to weaken your desire to quit smoking. Get rid of everything and anything to do with smoking.

The first few weeks of quitting

If you’re going to quit smoking, keep in mind that week one will inevitably be the toughest. In the first two days, your body will be releasing all the stored nicotine in your body. After the first two days, expect to experience mostly psychological cravings. These symptoms aren’t easy to deal with, but are nowhere near as bad as the initial nicotine withdrawal.

Try gradually cutting back on the number of cigarettes that you smoke. However, you should have a day that you will quit set in stone. For example, you could plan out the number of cigarettes you plan on smoking until the day that you quit. Try making the number that you smoke each day smaller and smaller until this day arrives. This method has been proven to work for many people.

Don’t give up if you are not successful at your first attempt to stop smoking. See it as a learning curve and an opportunity to evaluate what areas of your endeavor were successful and what areas need improvements. Most smokers make several attempts before they finally quit. Set a new date and then try again.

Consider your diet

When you do decide to quit smoking, it is advisable to add plenty of fresh fruit to your diet. Your body is most likely to experience some changes at the initial stage of quitting smoking. This may often include a lowered blood sugar level. Eating healthy foods can help to regulate your blood sugar to normal levels, keeping you in good health as you are striving toward quitting smoking.

To get a healthy replacement for what you eat while trying to quit smoking, make friends with crunchy vegetables such as carrots and cucumber. These low-calorie snacks will keep your mouth busy, and will provide essential vitamins your body needs for a healthy living. They will also keep you from indulging in higher-calorie foods that could cause you to gain weight.

So, try eating mini carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, dried fruit, low-calorie cereal, or sugar-free candy. Eating any of these vegetables when you have the urge to smoke can help control your cravings.

You must remind yourself that your body will want to eat when you are quitting, you should eat healthy.

Identify when you crave cigarettes

Be observant of the routine events that trigger your urge to have a smoke. For some people, it may be the first cup of coffee in the morning. For others, it may be at the end of a meal, or when they socialize with smoking friends. Whatever may be your trigger, you must keep in mind that you are quitting smoking because you care enough about yourself and your ability to live a quality life.

The decision to quit smoking can present unique emotional obstacles. You will experience cravings, and it might feel easy to just give in. Keep a cravings journal to help you quit smoking. Write down what was going on, especially what you were feeling when a craving hit you. Doing this helps you figure out the motivation behind your smoking.

When you are quitting smoking, you need to avoid the triggers that you always associated with smoking. If you are used to smoking in your car, then create a new habit like making a motivational playlist or listening to a book on your MP3. This will help replace your smoking habit with a more healthy on. Get some type of distractions that will substitute your smoking.

Maintain positive attitude

Maintaining a positive outlook and high commitment are important aspects of stopping smoking. Think positively about how your life is going to be so much better once you quit smoking. You will stop smelling like stale tobacco. Your teeth may even become whiter! You can do yourself a great deal of favor by focusing on the lasting benefits to life and health after quitting cigarette.

Remember that your attitude and mental disposition towards quitting is important. When your first attempt is not successful and you feel disappointed, be proud of yourself. You have at least started moving in the right direction for quitting smoking. Smoking is not good for you and every time you conquer the desire to smoke, be proud that you are taking important steps toward a healthier you.

Instead of viewing quitting as a sacrifice, think of it as a gift to yourself. You will find it easier to achieve positive results, if you view the choice in that light. Try to keep in mind the many benefits you will experience if you quit, and how much value it would add to your life. You can remain motivated and realize the benefits of quitting.

To improve your chances of success, do not attempt to quit smoking during a period of stress in your life. During this period, your tobacco addiction is strongest. Attempting to quit smoking will only set you up for failure. You may want to delay till you feel strong enough to embark on the journey. Think of other successes in your life and use them as a facilitator for quitting.

Get some quit smoking support

When you have decided to quit smoking, it is essential to get help and support from people around you. Communicate your decision to quit smoking to your family, friends and colleagues. Ask for their support and motivation. Some of them may have undergone similar challenge in the past and had been successful in conquering the stubborn habit. They can offer some great help and advice.

Find an online group forum for cigarette quitters. This can be a great source of support and motivation you need in your fight to conquer your smoking habit. Group forums are generally available on the internet and you typically can join for free. Such forums will help you to network with people worldwide who are undergoing similar challenges. You never know what kind of wonderful cigarette quitting advice you might get.

You might be astonished by how much the power of persuasion can assist you in quitting smoking. If more traditional techniques have not succeeded in the past, then consider seeing a hypnotist. Hypnotic therapy has a way of working on your mind and helping you to feel more motivated to quit smoking. If nothing else works, keep seeking new and alternative treatment options to help you to stay committed to your goal.

When you are ready to quit smoking, do not hesitate to seek the professional help of your doctor. A physician can provide guidance in diverse ways on how you can quit smoking. They may recommend a nicotine replacement product or advise on an exercise plan. Sometimes, simple and professional counselling and support might do the trick.

Consider signing up for motivational seminars, emails or messages when you are attempting to stop smoking. On several occasions, many people fail because they lack the willpower or motivation for success. These messages will give you that timely courage when you need them most.

Don’t use weight gain as an excuse to continue smoking. It could be true that some people add weight when they quit smoking, it does not necessarily mean that you will. Include healthy foods in your diet when you are not smoking, and the weight will not pile on. Even if you do gain a few extra pounds, it is much better and healthier than continuing with the smoking.

Make a list of reasons to quit

You must first establish your motives for wanting to quit smoking. Listing shallow reasons, like it is bad for you, are not good enough. To get yourself motivated and achieve a good success, you need a more personal and powerful purpose to quit . It could be that you are afraid to get lung cancer, or you would like to keep your family from disease associated with secondhand smoke. It might also be that you want to feel healthy and look younger. Determine strong reasons that outweigh your urge to light up a smoke.

Write out the benefits of quitting smoking to add to your motivation and eliminate cigarettes from your daily routine. Putting something down in writing can alter your entire outlook. By making this list, you can spark your interest and motivation in quitting, and help you focus on quitting so that you can more easily stop smoking.

Remaining upbeat and staying motivated are two of the biggest parts of smoking cessation. Consider the many ways your life will improve after you quit. Your teeth will look whiter, your clothes will no longer smell like smoke, and your breath will make you far more kissable. Even though when people know the bad things about smoking they may get scared enough to quit, going over positive changes can help too.

Quit smoking to improve the quality of your teeth and smile. Smokers often end up with having yellow teeth, strong bad breath and terrible gum disease. Ultimately, smokers run the risk of developing mouth cancer. When you quit, you stand the chance of having a brilliant smile with your teeth becoming whiter. You will feel more lively and your body will become more healthier.

To get a more bigger picture as to why it is important for you to quit smoking, get your loved ones to give their opinions on how they think cigarette smoking has affected your life and health. Be ready to hear distasteful remarks about how everything about you smells or more emotional comments about how your family worry about your health.

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Change your drink

When you are attempting to quit smoking, avoid alcohol like a plague. Alcohol and smoking are disgustingly complimentary to each other. Psychologically, alcohol diminishes your mental focus, making you more likely to surrender to temptation or peer pressure. When you stay away from alcoholic drinks, you are more likely to reason and act with a more sound mind. This might just mean that quitting smoking becomes a bit easier.

If you don’t desire to stop drinking altogether, you can limit yourself to drinking only in restaurants so that you’ll have to get up and go outside if you get the urge to smoke. You might realize it’s not worth the effort if you must leave the table just to smoke.

When you are working on quitting smoking, you must be careful to avoid what triggers your urge. There are many events which your mind will always link with smoking. For many smokers, the trigger is alcoholic drinks. Try limiting your alcohol consumption while you are working on giving up smoking.

When you desire to quit smoking, you may have to change other associated habits that trigger your urge for a smoke. Instead of that cup of coffee or alcoholic drink, get a glass of juice or water. Engage yourself with other interesting activities that will help take your mind off smoking.

During your smoking quitting exercise, drink plenty of water. Drinking water is extremely beneficial in detoxifying your system, especially for smokers. Water helps flush out the toxins that smoking leaves in your system. Sometimes it can be really boring just drinking water especially when you are not thirsty. Some people get encouraged to drink more water if it is fruit-flavored or carbonated. Drinking plenty of water can play a major role in helping you to curb your craving for a cigarette.

Consider using replacement therapies

Use alternative therapies which are a good replacement for nicotine to help you quit smoking. The nicotine addiction associated with long-term smoking is very strong and can be difficult to overcome. Cigarette smokers are most likely to get irritable, restless and depressed if they stop the nicotine consumption abruptly. Using gum or lozenges that contain nicotine can help to wean them off slowly.

Many people think they can stop smoking by switching to chewing tobacco as an alternative. This is not a good idea. Chewing tobacco usually contains more nicotine. You might succeed in just exchanging one bad addiction with another. Nicotine gum is a better substitute to help you quit and you can gradually taper off the gum. The weaker versions of chewing tobacco are not usually available in the market.

Sometimes when you smoke, you simply are just fixated with the feeling of keeping your mouth busy. Cigarette smoking can be replaced with a more healthy habit such as chewing sugar-free gum or candy. Anytime you feel the urge to smoke, just go for the less dangerous alternative habit.

Consider laser treatments to help you in your fight to quit smoking. This is a new technology that involves exposing a laser ray onto certain parts of your body. The laser produces endorphins, which assist in eliminating the desire for smoking. For more information on this, you may speak with your healthcare professional.

Make non-smoking friends

If you really desire to quit smoking, you may have to excuse yourself from your circle of friends who smoke. This might just be a temporary measure, but it is a requirement needed to assist you to quit smoking. If you are constantly exposed to cigarette smoke in a social gathering of friends smoking together, this will automatically squash your hopes for success.

If you are a smoker who lights up more during social events, make plans to not associate with your friends for a cigarette whenever you are out. If you are dining in a restaurant, remain at the table whenever your friends decide to go out for a smoke. If you are at a party full of smokers, find a non-smoker to chat with. Looking for ways to avoid being around smokers will ultimately help you in your fight to quit.

While you are attempting to quit smoking, you may find it difficult to perform some of your routine activities . For example, socializing with smoking friends. When your friends observe a cigarette break, resist the urge to be with them during that period. Later when you have successfully conquered the habit, you will be able to do again everything that you once did as a smoker.

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Keep yourself busy

When quitting smoking, you must adopt the proper approach to managing your stress. Once you have conquered your smoking habit, turn to healthier activities like massage therapy, walking in the park, listening to relaxing music, performing yoga or even meditation. Find something pleasant you can do that will give you instant gratification so that you will not be tempted to turn to smoking when the going gets tough.

Create new activities and routines when you are quitting smoking. If you feel the need to smoke at your first cup of coffee in the morning, try reading the news on your phone instead. These new daily routines will quickly become embedded and if you remain disciplined, quitting smoking will be made easier in the end.

Have a plan for effective stress management to counteract the effects of nicotine withdrawal. Get some exercise when cravings hit, engage in a hobby or teach your partner to give a great massage. When you do have some free time, occupy your mind with some entertaining activities like reading, chatting with a friend or playing a game that is new to you.

Take it or leave it, exercise can be the catalyst you need to quitting smoking. Most of the times, many people light up the cigarette because they feel overwhelmed or stressed out. When they feel pressured, they turn to cigarettes for relief. Cigarettes can be replaced with exercise. More importantly, exercise is generally beneficial for your overall health.

Quit smoking to make exercise easier. Smoking can cause difficult breathing, this mean you may not get healthy amounts of oxygen required for your muscles and organs. This can make exercising much harder, which may lead to other ailments. When you quit smoking, your lungs will function properly, and you can easily achieve your daily exercise goal.

Opportunity cost of smoking

While part of the intention of stopping smoking is to save money, reward yourself with buying good stuff with the money that you have saved from smoking cigarettes. These treats give you something to look forward to and remind you of the things you have been missing as a smoker.

Use the money you would normally spend on cigarettes for yourself on something important that you would have acquired if you had the cash. You need this reward for your hard labor. Treat yourself to expensive gifts and exotic items you have been craving.

If you’ve been smoking for a long time, you might be afraid that quitting is going to be close to impossible. Although it’s not usually easy to quit, most people can do so with determination, effort and knowledge of the best techniques. Quitting smoking isn’t easy, but it is possible. The strategies you just read can help you quit with a minimum of pain or frustration. Pick a couple of strategies and start working on kicking your smoking habit today. Soon you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of being smoke-free.

It is true that many people have several and different reasons that motivate them to want to quit smoking. But motivation in itself alone is not always the solution to the problem. A successful action plan to stop smoking cigarette involves motivation and techniques to help you when the going gets tough.

Remember that false starts are common when people try to quit smoking. Even if your first attempt was not successful, keep trying. Eventually, any curb in your smoking habit is good for you. Therefore, as long as you keep trying to quit smoking, you are bettering your quality of life and health.

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