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Milk Thistle Wonderful Health Benefits

Posted On: April 20, 2020

Milk Thistle Wonderful Health Benefits

Milk thistle is a flowering plant from the same family of plants as the daisy. This herb with its wonderful health benefits, thrives in Asian countries. For many years, milk thistle has been used in a wide range of ailments. Milk thistle has unique purple flowers and white veins. It contains a group of compounds that are beneficial to human health. The plant herbal remedy is popularly referred to as milk thistle extract.

In other names, this herb is known as Mary thistle and Marian thistle. Traditionally, Milk thistle is used to treat liver and gallbladder disorders. Many women in the Asian region have used this herb for ages to promote breast milk production and reduce growth of cancer. The herb is jam-packed with beneficial nutrients that may positively impact the user’s body.

Read on to discover the numerous wonderful health benefits associated with milk thistle.

Promotes liver health

Promoting liver health is the primary benefit of milk thistle. Milk thistle is used to improve and support the proper functioning of the liver. Originally, this herb was used in reducing cirrhosis and hepatitis. The liver will naturally be detoxified when milk thistle is consumed. This herb contains powerful and beneficial antioxidants that fight off free radicals. This prevents the liver from extreme damage.

In most cases, milk thistle is used as a complementary supplement more so by people who are suffering from liver damage. It is a perfect natural remedy in non-alcoholic fatty liver diseases and liver cancer. Studies have shown that milk thistle can not only improve the function of the liver, but also the overall health of the liver that has been damaged by an unhealthy diet. Studies have shown reduced inflammation and significant improvements in people with liver disease following consistent ingestion of milk thistle. In conjunction with traditional medicine, this herb can be used as an alternative supplement that will increase the life expectancy of people who suffer from cirrhosis.

Regulates blood sugar levels

It is well known that one of the unique compounds in milk thistle works similarly to some diabetic medications. Besides improving insulin sensitivity, these compounds are used to control the blood sugar levels. This herb has shown positive results in people with type II diabetes. These patients will experience a significant improvement in blood sugar levels. Over the years, insulin resistance has been a major issue in people with type II diabetes. In fact, that’s what most compounds in this herb focus on. These compounds improve how the body works and uses insulin. This has made milk thistle an ideal supplement that can be added to a diabetes treatment plan.

Improves heart health

The medicinal flowering plant will help lower bad cholesterol. In the process, heart health will drastically improve. Increased levels of bad cholesterol will clog arteries. This can lead to heart attacks and strokes. When milk thistle is used regularly, cholesterol is significantly lowered. Risks of heart diseases, heart attack and stroke are reduced. Away from that, milk thistle can be used together with cholesterol-lowering medications to protect the liver.

In addition, this herb will prevent the elevation of liver enzymes. Liver enzymes can be a side effect of statin drugs.

Promotes healthy skin

People with acne have been using milk thistle for quite sometimes. Milk thistle contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidants properties that make it a good choice in promoting healthy skin. This herb will not only soothe the skin but also calm it when used as a supplement. It is well known to give the skin a unique youthful appearance.

Promotes weight loss

Milk thistle is an essential herb when it comes to promoting weight loss. Blood sugar will always be stabilized. This allows the body to burn calories at a steady rate. Also, milk thistle acts as a mild laxative and diuretic. It reduces water retention. The liver will work more efficiently when it is cleansed and detoxed. This will enable the body to digest food more efficiently.

Reduces cancer growth

The antioxidants properties in milk thistle allow the herb to be used in reducing growth of different types of cancers. Cell growth of colorectal cancer will be inhibited when milk thistle is taken. The initial benefits that this herb offers can be helpful for people receiving cancer treatment.  Cancer treatment option could be more effective if milk thistle is used to control the spread of cancer cells.

Improves brain health

Oxidative stress is the main cause of memory disorders. Milk thistle can be used to increase the body natural resistance to oxidative stress. This means that the brain will remain healthy and perform better.

Final thoughts

Milk thistle is a safe supplement that has numerous potential benefits. It is commonly used as a complementary therapy for a variety of medical conditions, including diabetes, cancer and liver disease.

However, the beneficial effects of milk thistle may vary from person to person. Interaction with medications and underlying medical conditions may require that certain people consult with their medical professionals before taking milk thistle or any herbal supplement.



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