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Licorice: Medicinal Effects On Your Health

Posted On: April 05, 2020

Licorice: Medicinal Effects On Your Health

Licorice has been used for thousands of years in supporting health against a wide range of ailments. The medicinal root is native to Europe and Asia. In Asia and some parts of Europe, this plant is classified as a weed. In medieval times, Egyptians loved licorice root. Licorice was used as a cure-all concoction in tea. Later, it was imported to China. In China, licorice became an essential herb in the Chinese medicinal tradition.

Licorices uses are a bit different from those of ancient African ancestors. Its sweet flavor has made it a popular ingredient in the manufacturing of candies. At times, this herb is used by manufacturers in masking the flavor of medications. Licorice can be more than just a sweet treat. This herb is quite beneficial to the body.

That being said, here are the most amazing benefits of consuming licorice.

Lower blood pressure

Many people are suffering from hypertension, also known as low blood pressure. Licorice has unique stimulating properties that elevate blood pressure to normal levels. By providing a boost to the energy levels, this herb will prevent dizziness and fatigue.

Soothes the sore throats

Nowadays, most cough syrups manufacturers prefer using licorice as the major ingredient. The herb healing properties will do wonders for a sore and scratchy throat. Licorice has mucus promoting compounds that protect the throat that may be painful from either coughing or sneezing.

Helps with gastritis

Gastritis is simply a medical term that inflames the lining of the stomach. This condition causes a lot of pain in the belly, Gastritis can be a resultant effect of numerous health conditions. Infections and injuries are some of the conditions that can cause gastritis. Licorice soothes the stomach lining. Apart from that, it may reduce swelling that contributes to the inflammation.

Helps in stomach ulcers

In the past, licorice has been employed in reducing the growth of almost all types of ulcers. A stomach ulcer is very similar to the canker sore. Ulcers causes intensive digestive pains that will cause more damages if left untreated. Mucus membranes will be anaesthetized by licorice. More mucus will be produced to protect these membranes from further damage.

It acts as an internal sunblock

Licorice boasts of several active antioxidants. Lico-chalcone is considered as the main component in the Licorice root. It has been discovered that this component may protect the skin from subsequent UV radiation damage from the atmosphere. It achieves this by strengthening skin immunity. Licorice protects the skin from sun exposure while still supporting the health benefits of the sun.

Helps with chronic fatigue

Many people have been suffering from physical and mental stress disorders for quite a long time. In the human body, adrenal glands are configured to handling our stress response. Adrenal glands will act accordingly whether we are experiencing imaginary or real stress. This will send a surge of stress hormone when we experience any pang of error. After sometimes, the adrenals will become exhausted. They will no longer produce enough energy to run the body efficiently.  This will lead to chronic fatigue. Licorice has proven an effective herb that can be used to regulate cortisol. Increased regulation of cortisol will give adrenals a break and hence more energy.

Improves the health condition of the liver

Extracted licorice has proven to reduce and protect against liver disease. Users will have fewer possibilities of developing Hepatitis C and Cirrhosis. Licorice also helps the liver to detoxify the body of pathogens and metabolic waste.

Helps in the growth of hair

Licorice is a recommendable herb in improving hair health. When taken in the right quantity, licorice may fight off baldness. This herb has emerged as an essential herb in preventing hair loss. The mollifying properties will strengthen the hair follicles. Apart from that, Licorice will open up the pores of the scalp. This will reduce scalp redness and extreme irritation that might be causing hair loss.

Supporting skin health

Antibacterial properties in licorice make it a perfect remedy in reducing eczema. That’s why this herb is highly considered as a reliable remedy in dermatological treatment. The most successful health practitioners have concluded that licorice may kill bacteria in tooth decay.

Cleansing the respiratory system

Licorice can be used in reducing respiratory problems. When taken as an oral supplement, this herb will help the body produce healthy mucus. Production of regular and clean mucus means that the respiratory system will function properly without sticky mucus clogging it.

Final thoughts

As you can see, there is no doubt that licorice has multiple potential health benefits. The herb is an ancient remedy that has shown some possible health benefits in scientific studies and test centers.

While you may find Licorice beneficial for some health conditions, it is highly recommended that you should always check with your healthcare professional before using Licorice or any other herbal extracts. This will ensure that there will not be any interference between Licorice with any medications.

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