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Kava, What Are Its Benefits For Your Health?

Posted On: April 05, 2020

Kava, What Are Its Benefits For Your Health?

Kava is a medicinal plant that grows in the Pacific Islands. Traditionally, this plant was used in making intoxicating beverage by the indigenous people of the South Pacific. The roots and stems of this plant are made into non-alcoholic beverages. These beverages are enjoyed in social ceremonies. They have been used for many centuries in Tonga and Fiji.

This plant has calming effects that are quite similar to those of anti-anxiety medicines. Also, it may slightly prevent convulsions. Kava aids in muscle relaxation. Users can find this herb in the form of powder or tincture. Kava contains unique compounds that are claimed to be responsible for the psychoactive effects in the human brain. These compounds produce a non-narcotic action.

As a great alternative to traditional medication, kava has the following health benefits.

Reducing anxiety

Over the years, researchers have performed multiple studies that have shown that kava reduces anxiety. The calming effect of Kava will be experienced regardless of the symptoms and the specific type of disorder. Tension, anxiety and agitation are some of the types of disorders that Kava may help with. Normally, kava helps in reducing anxiety issues by activating GABA receptors. GABA receptors activation produces a long term calming effect. Dopamine and serotonin levels will be decreased gradually. Muscles will be relaxed by decreasing beta adrenaline receptor activity.

Helps in sleeping disorders

Stress reduction and improved sleep quality may be experienced after taking an appropriate dosage of kava extract. Kava is a reliable choice more so to people who are suffering from stress-induced insomnia. Patients suffering from sleep disturbances associated with tension and restlessness may effectively use kava extract. The sedative effects of kava are due to the blocking of sodium and calcium. This increases the neurotransmitter binding to the GABA receptors. Dopamine is increased as a result of inhibition of oxidase B.

Helps in depression

Nowadays, many people are suffering from generalized anxiety disorders. Kava extract may help minimize both anxiety and depressive symptoms. A combination of kava and hops will not only reduce anxiety but also improve the quality of life. This herb has become more useful in people with major depressive disorders. Kava works by inducing a relaxed mental state while still reducing fatigue.

Reduces menopausal symptoms

Hot flashes, insomnia and increased anxiety are the most common menopause symptoms. In several clinical trials, this herb improved anxiety and depression symptoms. Besides activating GABA receptors, kava inhibits the production of oxidase B. There is sufficient evidence that shows that kava can help to solve mood symptoms of menopause. As for now, more robust clinical trials are being conducted to validate all these findings.

Improves brain function

Kava extract may help improve focus, mind concentration and mental performance. Visual processing and working memory tasks may also increase after regular consumption of kava. Apart from that, the word recognition task may slightly be improved especially in people with learning disabilities. Kava positively influences several parts of the brain that include hippocampus and nucleus. These parts deal with emotions and brain processes.

Helps patients with drug addiction

Kava has the potential to reduce cravings for addictive drugs. This means that drug-dependent patients will have a possible long term remedy. Dopamine producing neurons are the major compounds behind the anti-craving effects in kava. These neurons are found in the reward system of the brain commonly known as the nucleus.

Fight off illnesses

Flu, common cold, fever and other common viruses can make life more miserable. Most of these symptoms can last for a few weeks. Kava extract contains powerful compounds that help build a formidable immune system. Boosting the overall immune system is arguably one of the least well-known kava health benefits. The immune system helps your body stave off the common cold and other common illnesses that are transmissible.

Reduces arthritic pains

Arthritis can cause swelling and inflammation and the symptoms may lead to stiffness and soreness. This means that the patient will have tough times moving around. Usually, arthritis prevents people from participating in ordinary tasks. Also, people with arthritis are not able to participate in fun activities with their family and also friends.

Arthritis is one of the most painful conditions. Kava has analgesic properties that may ease arthritic pain within few hours. It also possesses anti-inflammatory compounds responsible for reducing the swelling and inflammation in people suffering from arthritis.

Ease mouth pain

Kava may aid in oral health. It has proven to reduce tooth ache and pain in the mouth. Users experience a numbing sensation in the mouth when they consume kava.

Final thoughts

From the above benefits, you can be able to see why kava is becoming so popular in the herbal world. Kava may have proven to help treat the symptoms of certain health conditions and improve your health. However, you are strongly advised to consult with you medical practitioners before taking the herbal extract.


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