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Echinacea Health Secrets You Need To Know

Posted On: March 25, 2020

Echinacea Health Secrets You Need To Know

Echinacea is a beneficial and powerful herb used to maintain good health by people around the world. From the roots to the flowers, every part of the plant contains vital nutrients. For over a hundred years, the flowering plant that is native to North America has dotted the American landscape in one form or another. Originally, this herb was used by Native American Indians as a perfect remedy for colic and other infections. Since then, the herb has become a wellness staple alongside antibiotics.

Similar to other common herbs, the health benefits of Echinacea are associated with the diverse presence of beneficial nutrients. There are numerous health benefits of taking Echinacea, but the following benefits stand out from the rest.

Fights the flu

Nowadays, contracting flu in many people is simply an inconvenience. To some people, it can be a life-threatening experience. That’s the main reason the yearly flu vaccine is recommended by doctors. Echinacea has been proven to be an effective herb in shortening the duration of flu symptoms. This herb gradually reduces the possibilities of developing a cold by more than 58%. The duration of these symptoms is reduced by 4 days. Regular intake of Echinacea will stave off the disease.

Reduces redness and swelling

Redness and systematic swelling in the body can have numerous sources. The main causes of swelling and redness include an unhealthy diet and strenuous exercise. Echinacea can either be consumed or applied through skincare products. Skincare products that contain Echinacea essential oil reduce tissue irritation. There are several active compounds in this herb that works with the human body to keep the inflammation response down. This is what that contributes to healing and relief for many inflammation-related issues.

Lowers blood pressure

There is ongoing research on Echinacea as a supplement that lowers blood pressure. Based on the results, it’s promising. This herb boasts of a high amount of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds. These compounds are very essential in lowering blood pressure levels. It has been discovered that anxiety is one of the major causes of high blood pressure. This means that the effects of Echinacea will greatly contribute in controlling blood pressure in numerous ways.

Boosts the immune system

Many studies have revealed that Echinacea has powerful cold prevention and cold treatment benefits. In a year, many Americans suffer from one billion colds. They spend a lot on a doctor’s visit and non-prescription cough and cold treatments. In most cases, the immune system is influenced by the dosage of Echinacea. Echinacea can not only stop viral colds but also works perfectly on recurring infections. Its flowers are effective cold deterrents and they can be taken as soon as cold symptoms appear.

Reduces the risks of breast cancer

Echinacea is a good supplement especially to those people who are seeking treatment for various types of cancer. There are several cancer treatments. Unfortunately, all these treatments weaken the immune system. They kill the most useful body cells, Consuming Echinacea tea will counter some of these side effects. Away from that, this herb has been studied as a reliable treatment for cancer itself. Echinacea extracts slows down the growth of malevolent tumor cells. This blocks the ability of cancer to spread to other crucial organs. In addition, Echinacea is a good preventive measure for women who are suffering from breast cancer.

Manages anxiety

This herb has been tested and proved to be an effective anti-anxiety supplement. Its extracts regulate the synapses. Synapses help in communication between the body and the brain. Echinacea can turn off the fear reflex. Most people with anxiety attacks experience these conditions. Physical effects of your fears will be limited. This will make you feel calmer. For sure, it is an excellent herb for those who battle with anxiety.

Regulates the blood sugar level

Echinacea comes with unique antioxidant properties. Presence of Echinacea in the bloodstream will keep blood sugar from spiking. People with diabetes experience such problems often. Also, Echinacea will keep blood sugar from plummeting. Echinacea is not a perfect replacement for insulin therapy. Drinking Echinacea will help control the blood sugar levels in your body.

Promotes cell growth

Almost all herbal remedies contain antioxidants that can help to repair cells. The main role of the antioxidants is to destroy the toxins. All free radicals will be eliminated. Most of these free radicals age and damage the cells in our body. High-quality Echinacea herb will contribute to cell growth in the body.

Final thoughts

Echinacea herb is the real deal. Besides the above health benefits, your oral health will improve over time when you consume Echinacea.


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