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Catnip: 9 Wonderful Health Uses Of The Plant

Posted On: March 22, 2020

Catnip: 9 Wonderful Health Uses Of The Plant

Catnip belongs to the mint family. It is also referred to as ‘Catmint’ or ‘Nepeta Cataria’. While Nepeta is a town in Italy, Cataria came from the Latin word for cat. Catnip is popular for its effects on felines. The perennial herb has a long history of medicinal use in many cultures worldwide. Catnip is believed to treat illnesses such as insomnia and anxiety.

Catnip is native to Europe and Asia but it was introduced to North America by the colonists. This herb was occasionally used as a stimulating drink until black tea was introduced into the market. In medieval times, several tribes from North America used catnip to boost immune function and increase muscle spasm relaxation. Here are the health benefits of catnip.

Stress relief

According to renowned researcher H. J Forbes, catnip provides stress relief. When eaten or consumed in the form of a juice, this herb reduces chronic anxiety. Also, it can greatly help in reducing the secondary symptoms of chronic stress. This will boost the immune system. Catnip contains a beneficial chemical called nepetalactone. This chemical has different effects on humans. The reason behind this is that the human brain is quite different when compared to the psychology of the cat’s brain.

Menstrual cramps

Catnip is a useful substance for women suffering from painful menstrual cramps. Popular herbalists recommend catnip as a natural treatment for extremely painful menstrual cramps. It has emerged as a reliable alternative treatment. Catnip will quickly relieve cramps from the body. Also, catnip has calming and relaxing effects that help with irritability and mood swings that are commonly associated with menstruation.

Fever and colds

In most cases, fever is regarded as a symptom of an acute infection. In short, fever is an underlying illness. Normally, the body experiences a sudden increase in temperature. This happens to stimulate the immune system and in the process speed up detoxification. Having a fever is a clear indication that indeed the body immune system is taking action. Catnip will induce perspiration without even raising the body temperature. Catnip is a perfect remedy for tender throats and coughs. In addition, this herb works as a decongestant. Besides alleviating sinusitis, catnip help in relaxation of asthma and croup.

Wounds and burns

Catnip is among the few medicinal herbs that have been proved to possess antiseptic attributes. These attributes perfectly treat skin infections. Catnip boasts of a high level of tannins. Tannins help in accelerating the process of repairing damaged tissues. It stops hemorrhages from gazes and also cuts. Also, tannins are useful in curing injuries and scalds. Skin problems that are mostly accompanied by inflammations and insect bites can be treated by catnip.


Catnip is a long-standing remedy for irritability. It is a perfect solution for sleepless nights. This herb comes with a rare sedative nature. This allows it to induce a fitful and restful sleep. This makes catnip a must have herb to those who have been looking for insomnia remedy and other common sleep-related problems.

Digestive system

Catnip is an effective substance in solving digestive issues more so constipation and bloating. Being a carminative substance, catnip helps to improve air stuck in the human intestines. Normally, it pushes the air stuck in intestines downwards until it is expelled from the body. Catnip contains organic compounds that have anti-inflammatory and relaxing effects. These compounds ease the inflammation of the gastrointestinal system. In turn, this relieves tightness and discomfort.

Aids in weight loss

There is no doubt that water is a great deal for body weight. Catnip is known to increase perspiration. Increased sweating will help you get rid of toxins and excess water from the body. Most weight loss supplements manufacturers include catnip due to its diaphoretic nature. The human body has several toxins that might frustrate your weight loss efforts. That’s the main reason why detoxification is highly recommended. Catnip helps in fat burning by simply increasing the body metabolism. This accelerates the weight loss process.

Anti-inflammatory activity

Catnip boasts of chemical constituents that are anti-inflammatory agents. This means that it can be a perfect remedy in treating arthritis and gout.

Headache treatment

Regular consumption of catnip will relieve tension and relax muscles. This makes it an effective substance for treating tension headaches and migraines.

Final thoughts

Making tea is arguably the most common method of catnip consumption. This herb has a minty smell and grassy flavor. Relieving anxiety, stress, soothing menstrual pain and eliminating eating disorders are some of the benefits of catnip.


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