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Can Elderberry Help Fight Common Ailments?

Posted On: March 25, 2020

Can Elderberry Help Fight Common Ailments?

The elderberry is a species of complex flowering plants. This plant is native to most parts of Europe. Elderberry thrives in numerous conditions that include wet and dry. There are several other closely related species that are native to Asia. The glossy dark purple fruit is produced in drooping bunches in the late autumn. The purple fruits are eaten when fully ripe since they are poisonous in their unripened state.

The natural remedy has a long history of medicinal use. The fruit healing abilities can be traced back to Egypt and Greece. Whether we are Egyptians or Greeks, the natural remedy will provide numerous health benefits that will promote the overall health. It’s no wonder elderberry is considered as the best beneficial herb on the planet. The following health benefits make this herb one of the best on the planet.

Reduces cold duration

Elderberry is well known in its fight against the cold. This herb contains Vitamin A and B which aid in fighting the cold. There will be a significant reduction of cold duration and severity when this herb is taken. Patients will experience less severe symptoms after consuming this herb. After taking this herb continuously, treated patients will either be symptoms free or experiencing mild symptoms. The immune-boosting properties in elderberry will help achieve this.

Extracts of elderberry are safe and efficient. In fact, it is a cost-effective treatment for cold and flu-like symptoms. Elderberry supplementation will eliminate all the flu-related symptoms in air travelers.

Reduces sinus infection symptoms

Elderberry boast of some of the most powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. This makes it the most efficient herb to treat sinus issues. Sinus infection is simply the condition where the cavities surrounding the nasal passages become inflamed. Based on past performance, the antiviral herb can be used as a natural remedy for sinus infection.

According to the Complementary Medicine’s Department of Internal Medicine in Zurich, Switzerland based researchers used this herb in treating bacterial sinusitis. Elderberry performed excellently when used alongside antibiotics.

Lowers the blood sugar

Traditionally, Egyptians and the original Greece inhabitants used elderberry in treating diabetes. Elderberry contains unique chemicals that stimulate glucose metabolism. This herb also stimulates the secretion of insulin. Insulin will potentially help lower blood sugar levels. Extracts of elderberry will increase glucose transportation and oxidation. Also, glycogenesis will be improved. Glycogenesis is the continuous process where excess sugar in the body is cleared out of the bloodstream. The excess sugar is taken into your muscles and liver. This help maintains normal blood sugar.

Elderberry is a reliable source of bioactive compounds. Formulation of these compounds will help manage diabetes. With time, insulin resistance is lowered by the polar extracts in this herb.

Elderberry acts as a natural diuretic

Diuretic substances are used to promote urine production. Diuretics are consumed when the body retains too much fluid. This is a common problem in older adults. Elderberry acts as a natural diuretic. It greatly promotes urination and bowel movements. This help to protect against fluid retention.

Promotes mental health

Extracts from the elderberry plant have in the past been used as natural antidepressants. Doctors have proved that elderberry plays a major role in overall mental health. Intake of elderberry is a sure way to crack a smile.

Improves digestive irregularity

Elderberries contain a significant amount of dietary fiber. That’s the main reason why this herb is used to prevent constipation and reducing excessive gas in the body. It makes it easier to manage bowel movement.

Slows down aging

Excess Vitamin C intake will help the body create and maintain collagen. Collagen is an essential protein that is normally found in hair and skin. Combination of vitamin A and bioflavonoids will provide a potent antioxidant activity. This prevents wrinkles and in the process makes the skin more vibrant.

Helps in fighting anemia

Anemia can be described as the decrease of red blood cells. Usually, anemia occurs when the hemoglobin in the blood reduces. Elderberry contains a high amount of iron. Iron is used to create new red blood cells. Regular intake of high-quality elderberry will prevent and cure anemia.

Improves the heart health

Risk of getting ischemic heart diseases will be reduced when this herb is consumed. It contains high levels of potassium which is an essential element in heart health. According to the American Heart Association, fiber supplements decrease the risk of heart disease.

Final thoughts

Elderberry is a common plant in Europe and most people consume the plant in very low amounts in the form of a bottled drink. Little do many people know about the great medicinal properties of Elderberry to help keep off the unfriendly symptoms of many diseases. Hopefully, this article has provided you with much needed information about the health wonders of Elderberry.



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