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Black Cohosh And Women’s Health

Posted On: March 22, 2020

Black Cohosh And Women’s Health

Black cohosh is a perennial herb of the buttercup family. In other words, black cohosh is known as black snakeroot. The medicinal herb is native to Eastern North America. This herb has been used for many centuries by Native Americans to treat menstrual irregularities and ease childbirth.

Black cohosh boasts of potent phytochemicals that have an adverse effect on the endocrine system. It has emerged as a popular remedy for the symptoms of menopause. The natural alternative to hormone replacement therapy has multiple benefits and uses. Here’s a look at the scientific benefits and uses of black cohosh.

Anti-cancer properties

Several studies have demonstrated the inhibitory effects of black cohosh on breast cancer cells. Estrogen receptor is a possible dual mechanism of action of black cohosh. Increased consumption of black cohosh causes a concentration-dependent reduction. This occurs in both estrogen and progesterone receptor proteins. Also, black cohosh results in anti-proliferative effects and a drastic reduction in cell performance of breast cancer cells. Black cohosh has no negative effects on cancer survivors. Follicle-stimulating hormones and estrogen-responsive tissues will be observed after taking black cohosh.

Natural treatment of menopausal symptoms

Based on the current research, black cohosh can be used to relieve signs and symptoms related to reductions in the hormone estrogen. Hot flashes, excessive sweating and night sweats are some of the menstrual symptoms treated by black cohosh. Long term studies have confirmed that black cohosh is safe for long term use. The therapeutic value of black cohosh is not only clear, but it can also interact with certain medications. Products containing black cohosh have been regulated by the United States Food and Drug Administration.

Black cohosh improves objective sleep in menopause

Objective sleep problem is a common occurrence after menopause. Black cohosh responds positively to both objective and subjective sleep in early postmenopausal women. Polysomnographic changes are observed when black cohosh is administered daily. Such changes include decreased wake after sleep and increased sleep efficiency. This happens after sleep onset duration popularly known as WASO duration. In addition, vasomotor and physical domain of life quality will greatly improve.

Alternative Treatment for osteoporosis

Studies conducted on rats showed that fracture healing accelerated after using black cohosh. These effects are as a result of enhanced estrogenic mineralization of bone. Also, inhibition of adipogenic differentiation can be a major cause. Although it is rare, there may be an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity such as reduced production and reactive oxygen species.

Treating hot flashes

Taking estrogen is the most effective way to relieve the discomfort of hot flashes. Black cohosh contains a high amount of estrogen. Of all dietary supplements in the market that have been used in the treatment of hot flashes, black cohosh is the most popular among women. It is good to know that studies of black cohosh effectiveness have had mixed results.

Treating vaginal dryness

Walls of the vagina are normally lubricated with a thin layer of clear fluid. Normally, the hormone estrogen is used to maintain that fluid. It keeps the vagina lining healthy and elastic. The rapid drop in estrogen levels lowers the amount of moisture required in the region. This can happen at any age. At times, it may look like a minor irritation. In such instances, it would be advisable to use black cohosh simply because it contains a high level of estrogen. Black cohosh will relieve vaginal dryness.

Lessens heart palpitation

Palpitations make you feel like your heart is beating too hard or fluttering. Heart palpitations are common in chest and neck. In most cases, they can be bothersome and frightening. Although they are not harmful, they may cause discomfort. Often, heart palpitations are caused by stress and anxiety. In rare cases, palpitations can be a sign of serious heart condition. Black cohosh is the most effective nutritional herb that has been tested and proved reliable.

Boosting fertility

Black cohosh helps boost the reproductive system by getting blood flowing appropriately. This herb aids in several conditions that adversely affect fertility. According to a 2013 prospective randomized controlled trial that studied the role of black cohosh on ovulation induction, black cohosh improves the hormone levels and pregnancy rates.

Black cohosh stimulates ovaries and the eggs inside. This herb also relieves the menstrual cramps. Black cohosh has come to rescue of women who have been suffering from hormonal imbalances. Combining black cohosh with clomiphene citrate will increase the clinical pregnancy rate in women.

Final thoughts

Fertility, menopause and heart palpitations are some common problems experienced by people of all ages. Black cohosh has been used by many to treat the symptoms of these conditions. Other advantages and medicinal benefits of black cohosh will continue to rely on results of uses of this plant by many more.


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