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Top Health Vitamins-Pay-Per-Sale Affiliate Marketing Program

How does our affiliate marketing work?

Our affiliate marketing program is a performance-based marketing. Here, the Affiliates or Influencers earn a commission per unit sold of our products promoted on their website.


We welcome influencers to register as affiliates of our products. You shall include a link to our website products pages on your website, blog or social media account. If you are an E-Commerce or online retailer, you can be an indirect sales team for our business. You shall be featuring or placing our products ads on your website and earn great commission on sales pushed through to us via your website.


We are offering a minimum of 10% commission on gross sales per product and up to 15% commission depending on sales volume as shall be agreed in a contract agreement. Our average price per product currently stands at about $8.65 (this is subject to change as we constantly work to improve our prices to give customers best value for their money). If you are able to push through a thousand products in a particular month, assuming working on a minimum commission rate of 10%, you shall be earning a commission of $865.00 for that month. Our commission is totally uncapped and the higher the volume, the higher the potential for increased commission.
That is the black-and-white nature of our affiliate earnings, no more, no less.


We shall be integrating a tracking code that will connect between our site and those of the affiliates. This code will track website traffic, engagement and sales. All direct sales attributed to affiliates are tracked and evaluated via a dashboard and commissions determined.


We have a wide range of products available for promotion. However, each affiliate can decide or choose which product(s) they desire to promote. We are currently increasing our products base to ensure that we have large categories of products on our website.

Quality of Affiliates

Desired affiliates shall have a trusted website that generates traffic and have a minimum spam score. They must have updated, meaningful, valuable and relevant contents that influence on their audience.
If you are interested in becoming an affiliate or if you have any question, please contact us and we shall respond to your queries as soonest as we can.

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