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8 Proven Health Benefits Of Garlic

Posted On: March 25, 2020

8 Proven Health Benefits Of Garlic

Garlic is a popular species in the onion genus. Garlic is closely related to leek and Chinese onion. Originally, garlic was grown in Northeastern Iran. Garlic has been consumed for over a thousand years. It is considered as a fragrant kitchen staple that has developed a bad reputation for bad breath. Garlic is the most commonly used ingredient. Normally, garlic is used as a seasoning worldwide.

The unique taste adds a strong flavor to the recipes. Garlic boasts of magical medicinal properties. Traditionally, garlic was used as a treatment option for numerous ailments. Garlic contains Sulphur compounds that have been associated with fantastic health benefits.

Modern science has supported the following health benefits of Garlic.

Lowers cholesterol levels

Garlic is not only better on your plate, but also for your heart. It contains beneficial compounds that lower the level of bad cholesterol and also blood pressure. This prevents different forms of heart diseases. Garlic comes with active ingredients that have antioxidant properties. These properties reduce the hardening of the arteries. Away from that, research has shown that consuming garlic will reduce the chances of getting high blood pressure. Consuming garlic will increase nitric oxide in the body. Nitric oxide enables the smooth muscles of the body to relax. In turn, this allows the blood vessels to dilate.

Slows down cancer cells growth

Several studies have indicated that daily consumption of garlic prevents stomach and colorectal cancers. Garlic contains cancer-fighting compounds that have been subject of researches looking at slowing the rate of cancer cell growth. Garlic has the ability to influence carcinogen activation. It enhances detoxification. In addition, it protects DNA from activated carcinogens.  Natural compounds in garlic will effectively kill off cancer cells and prevent cancer from growing and spreading further to other crucial organs.

Improves bone health

High consumption of garlic vegetables is closely associated with protection against hip osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is a common condition that mostly affects older adults. Garlic minimizes bone loss by increasing estrogen in females. There are several studies that have shown that a daily dose of garlic extract decreases estrogen deficiency.

Fights against the onset of dementia

You might be aware that oxidation, the chemical reaction that causes iron to rust has a similar effect on the human body. In the human body, oxidation of proteins and nucleic acid is quite essential. It plays a corrosive role in the body. Garlic contains essential compounds that are very helpful in supplying antioxidants. These antioxidants protect the body against oxidative damage.

Improves heart health

It’s every person’s dream to have a healthy heart. Nowadays, cardiovascular diseases and symptoms such as stroke and heart attack have become very common. They have emerged as the major causes of death in men and women more so in the United States of America. In people with high blood pressure, garlic will drastically reduce their blood pressure.

Artery stiffness and blood markers will be reduced by garlic. Away from that, the rate of progression of coronary artery calcification will be slowed down after consuming garlic. Coronary artery calcification is a major risk factor for heart attack and stroke.

For skin and hair care

Garlic comes with unique invigorating properties that protect the skin from the effects of free radicals. These properties slow down the depletion of collagen. This leads to a decrease in elasticity in aging skin. Garlic is well known to do wonders in skin infected with fungal infections. It is a perfect ailment for skin remedy such as eczema. In addition, garlic can be used as an effective remedy in treating infections such as ringworms and athlete’s foot. Garlic is more than a hero in thinning mane. Massaging your head with garlic will prevent and reverse hair loss.

Fights cold and flu

Garlic is a reliable relief for that stubborn cold and flu. This onion species will relieve stuffed nose. It will not only cure cold but also build your overall body immunity. In medieval times, garlic was used by meat-eaters simply because they believed that meat could cause an infection that garlic could fight off from the body. Many laborers used garlic to fight body infections.

Anti-bacterial and anti-parasitic

Garlic is arguably one of the best kept medicinal treasures of the past era. For the last 7,000 years, garlic has been used to treat fungal and parasitic infections. Children with tapeworm infections will respond positively to diluted garlic extracts.

Final thoughts

For more than a thousand years, garlic has been commonly used for health purposes because of its medicinal properties. Science has now supported the use of Garlic, with millions of people including it in their diet all over the world.

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